Engagement by design

LifeCents empowers people live happier and healthier financial lives by helping them to acquire the knowledge, build the habits, and gain the confidence they need to make smarter, everyday financial decisions.

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A Human-Centered Approach

People are more than numbers. They are friends. They are family. They are our neighbors and our co-workers. To help them reach their financial goals, we need to listen to them so we can understand who they are and what they want to achieve with the financial lives. We also have to respond to what makes them tick, what motivates them, and what keeps them up at night. This journey to good financial health starts with LifeCents.

  • Knowledge

    Financial knowledge is a fundamental pillar of good financial health but knowledge alone is not sufficient. LifeCents explains the "why" behind the "what" and helps people turn information into action.


    Positive behavior change is the ultimate outcome for any financial wellness program. LifeCents excels in helping people understand their financial habits, break bad ones and establish better ones, resulting in lasting behavior change over time.


    People need a positive outlook to inspire changes in their habits. LifeCents helps people gain the confidence they need to make sound financial decisions and empowers them to achieve their financial goals.

Proven Behavioral Change

Good financial health starts with LifeCents. We help people live happier and healthier financial lives.


Personal finance often feels very complex and challenging to many people which can deter them from taking action. LifeCents’ innovative features, design and personalized conversations keep users engaged and inspired.


Helping people identify their financial needs, interests and goals is the first step–and often the most overlooked–in the journey towards financial security. The LifeCents' Financial Health Playbook is the starting point of a highly personalized and impactful user experience.


When it comes to improving consumer financial health, every day counts. LifeCents tracks user progress and celebrates every step, milestone and goal that a user achieves.


LifeCents helps people transform information into action by responsibly connecting users to partners, programs, products and services that meets their individual needs.

The LifeCents Experience

LifeCents’ unique interactive design and highly personalized experience encourages exploration, inspires action, celebrates progress, and promotes achievement. This approach is how LifeCents helps individuals, businesses and communities thrive.


LifeCents is the starting point for people to achieve their financial goals by encouraging them to share their financial story and gain a holistic perspective of their financial life-often for the first time.

Discovery Conversation

Personalized Guidance

LifeCents uses AI and proprietary algorithms to curate content, activities and goals that are most relevant to the user. This personalized guidance adapts dynamically to changes in a user’s financial priorities and life goals.

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LifeCents has created a highly engaging user experience through the thoughtful application of gamification concepts and features like badges, challenges, points, and achievements. The successful interaction of these elements in LifeCents sustains the level of user engagement needed to change behaviors over time.

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LifeCents connects users to partners, programs, products and services to extend the online experience into the real world which brings the users goals to life. Clients and partners benefit from establishing or extending their relationships with motivated, engaged and targeted consumers.

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LifeCents helps people improve their Financial IQ, Habits and Mindset, which are the proven metrics that lead to long-term improvements in consumer financial health.

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Financial Health Report

The LifeCents Financial Health Report gives each user unparalleled visibility and powerful insights into their progress, performance and achievements towards better financial health.

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